Geared Slewing Ring

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Slewing rings use self-lubricating, low-friction sliding elements in place of ball bearings. They represent a step forward in slewing ring bearing technology. The geared version allows the slewing rings to be driven by belt, rack, or pinion gear.

Most slewing ring manufacturers offer a geared option. we offers a spur-gear solution, which complies with DIN3967. The mating gear for any slewing ring should be made of a material that is softer than the actual gear itself. For example, a slewing ring that uses a gear made from anodized aluminum would ideally have a mating gear made of POM. Aside from the fact that POM is softer than anodized aluminum, this specific combination would make the system completely dry-running, which is an added bonus. In comparison, a slewing ring that uses both a gear and a mating gear made of aluminum, or any other metal, is ideal for intermittent movements. However, metal gears require constant lubrication, which is costly, time-consuming and messy. If a slewing ring uses a mating gear made from steel, the gear should be made of the same material in order to avoid damaging the slewing ring.

Slewing Bearing Ring for Excavator Spare Parts

4.125 Inch | 104.78 Single Lip Contact
2.72 Flanged

Slewing Ring Bearing for Machining Parts

0.0 N/A
PEER BEARING CO. 8865590361625

Excavator Bearing of Brand Excavator

Inch 1.938 Inch | 49.225
Concentric Collar 0662327878771

China Top Supplier Over-Size Slewing Bearing Rings

N/A M06110

Slewing Ring Bearing for Pet Preform System 010.14.304

4.134 Inch | 105 Mil Steel
Light 2.047 Inch | 52 Mill