Three-Row Roller Slewing Ring Bearing

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Three row roller slewing bearing and the bearing structure of left and right sides of the distribution is symmetrical, including outer ring, gland, inner ring, inner ring, sealing ring, roller, roller and cage, second bracket will be the second and third cage, outer ring for shape, located in the lateral, outer ring by screws, the upper part of lower part through the gland sealing cover, inside the circle with screw inside the ring connection, through the top and bottom sealing ring and outer ring connection, pass through the middle of the roller and outer ring, roller equipped with cage and second cage, among the second roller set, circle and inner circle between, on the third set up in the middle of the second roller.Compared with the existing technology, the invention ADAPTS to the wind power generation, the high air powerful wind and the rotating load, improves the processing property, and ADAPTS to the field air work characteristics of the wind power generation.

NSK 35bd5020 Bearing

49 kN 90 mm
118 mm 2.8

Hot Sale Worm Enclosed Slewing Drive Se7 for Solar Tracker Systems

44.45 mm TER 112
EPR 14 52.5 kN

Worm Reduction Gear Slew Drive for Solar Power in China

85.9 kN 1/4 NPT
EPR 18 115.888 mm

Se25 Enclosed Housing Slewing Drive with Hydraulic Motor for Solar Tracker

2800 rpm 134000 N
1400 rpm One Seal

12inch Hydraulic Slewing Motor Slew Drive Se12-78-H-25 for Contruction Machine

41500 N 125.0000 mm
6300 rpm 3200 rpm

Slewing Drive with Electric Motor for Robotics Se12/Se17/Se21

2.00 mm 124000 N
3800 rpm 3800 rpm

Enclosed Housing Slewing Drive for Solar Tracker -- Se Series

38.10 mm 110.0000 mm
3800 rpm 58500 N

Solar Tracker Slewing Drive /Hight Quality Se14 Inch

22.225 mm 1/2 NPT
258.762 mm 1220 N·m

25 Inch Slewing Drive for Solar Tracker Industry Wanda Brand

Snap-Ring 47.00 mm
3000 rpm 2500 rpm

Wanda Slewing Drive for Single and Dual Axis Solar Tracking Systems

1.5 mm 60.7 kN
0.6 mm 20 mm